Top 8 Things Men Should Know About Women But Don’t

As dating advice tips go, this one’s gonna have more guys scratching their heads than there are fleas on a camel.

The truth is that men just don’t understand women and for the most part, the reverse is also true. We not only speak different languages, but the words we DO understand often mean very different things.

So offered with the greatest humility are the top 8 things men should know about women but don’t seem to have a clue about.

Clueless Clue #1:

When women are in front of the TV watching Opra or another of their favorites shows – leave them alone. Don’t bother them, don’t make fun of them, don’t comment about how lame their shows are – just let them be. After all guys, you spend an awful lot of time in front of the tube yourselves watching sports. So give the gals a break and stop mocking the shows they watch.

Clueless Clue #2:

When the ladies are talking about their day or their problems – stop trying to solve them! All they want is someone to listen to them. It really doesn’t require more than a couple questions and a little sympathy on your part. This isn’t rocket science. Let them talk!

Clueless Clue #3:

Women like bad boys. You don’t have to be bad ALL the time, but let go every now and then. Let your wild show and sweep her off her feet – it will add a touch of lust and a lot more romance to the relationship.

Clueless Clue #4:

Little things mean a lot. And don’t expect a “thanks” or “thank you” every time you make a gesture. The little things that you do are ALWAYS appreciated. You don’t have to make a grand gesture or turn something into a major production to get appreciated.

Clueless Clue #5:

Posing for pictures is a ‘must do’ activity.k And don’t look sour, or make faces, or pretend you don’t want to be there. Picture are important to the ladies. They love to show you off to their girlfriends, and it gives them something to burn if the relationship ends badly.

Clueless Clue #6:

Little regular presents are better than grand gestures (unless you’re buying jewelry). Women love getting flowers, teddy bears, cute cards or just an intimate night out. Keep it simple and keep it regular. It says, “you’re thinking about me.”

Clueless Clue #7:

Women love it when you cook for them. You don’t have to be a master chef to get by, but make a production out of it. Candles, table cloth, soft music all add to the ambiance and the romance. If you absolutely can’t cook, it’s time to order out, take it our of the containers, put it on plates and tell them your personal chef prepared the meal special for just the two of you. Don’t forget a nice bottle of wine, and the cloth napkins for a touch of elegance.

Clueless Clue #8:

Our final dating advice tip for clueless guys has to do with the song, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. Not with you, but with each other. That’s right guys, it’s called a girls night out. They aren’t going out to check out other guys so drop the jealousy act – they just need to hang out with other girls. You do the same thing with your buddies so let it be. If they want to talk about it afterward, we refer you to Dating Advice Tip Clueless Clue #2 above – shut up and listen. If not, you don’t need to know.

That’s it for this edition of Dating Advice Tips Clueless Clues. You see guys it wasn’t so bad and you get to use clue #8 to justify your night out with the guys.

If you have any dating advice tips clueless clues to share with our readers, feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

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