Top 7 Tips For Successful Cougar Dating – An Inside View

According to one definition, Cougars are simply single women over 35 years who have no problem dating younger men.

I’ve had a chance to date a few Cougars in my life and the one thing I can tell you for sure is that the experience isn’t bad at all.

And if you stick to the seven tips I talk about below – it can be both exciting and fun.

Many young guys today are interested in dating Cougars but for different reasons.

My personal reason behind dating older women was inspired by maturity. I find that cougars are more mature in very many aspects compared to girls/women my age.

For instance, Cougars have more emotional maturity.

The fact that they are older (more experienced) makes them more emotionally stable which is one of the qualities of Cougars I really like. Another thing I like about Cougars is their financial stability.

And Cougars have established themselves financially unlike younger women/girls therefore you don’t need to worry as much about supporting them if that is an issue for you.

How To Have A Long Lasting Relationship With A Cougar

To have a fruitful long lasting relationship with a Cougar, there are some things you must know.

So from my own personal experiences, I offer these 7 important insights, tips, and do’s and don’ts of Cougar Dating.

Cougar Dating Tip #1
Take good care of yourself: This is by far one of the most important rules of Cougar dating. The fact that Cougars are older doesn’t mean that they will settle for average looks or a sloppy appearance. Overall, Cougars are very petty when it comes to judging by looks.

Unless you are extremely good-looking or are well groomed, it’s my opinion that you won’t stand much of a chance with a cougar. It only stand to reason that one of the main reasons why Cougars prefer younger men is because of their looks. Older men just aren’t as fit and attractive as younger men.

You must therefore exercise regularly and stay well groomed i.e. cut your hair, wear fancy clothes and cologne etc.

Remember that you have to put in some effort to have a relationship with a Cougar.

Cougar Dating Tip #2
Go to the right watering hole( so to speak): This is a very important insight for men interested in Cougars but who have little or no luck finding them.

When I first started dating Cougars, I had no idea where to hangout to increase my chances of hooking up with one. What I didn’t know at the time was that there are ideal places that make it easier to meet Cougars.

For instance, you won’t have any luck meeting Cougars at baby shops or parents associations.

Cougars love hanging out in bars but not all kinds of bars. Consider classier bars that host events such as singles parties or speed dating events. If you aren’t old enough to go to such parties and you can try visiting popular gyms to meet Cougars. Wine and art festivals are also a good choice.

Cougar Dating Tip #3
Be bold: Another important tip on Cougar dating is being bold.

In fact, the single best way to catch the attention/interest of older women is to be bold.

You must make eye contact to draw cougars to you. Eye contact is a sign of aggression and cougars love that because they are bold women who aren’t afraid to date younger men. (See our article Can Body Language Magically Attract The Girl Of Your Dreams?).

But be careful though, unlike younger women cougars don’t enjoy mind games or beating around the bush. They know exactly what they want and they expect you to also know – and be bold about it.

Cougar Dating Tip #4
Act mature: Another important tip about Cougar Dating is being mature. Cougars have a zero tolerance policy for guys who are childish or act stupid.

It’s good to have a sense of humor however, but you should do so in moderation to avoid seeming immature.

Cougars aren’t teenage girls. They are older and wiser. Your humor should be of the intellectual variety and not slap stick or grade school.

Talk about topics such as art, literature, music, or current affairs as opposed to talking about college parties and past relationships. Unless you are extremely good looking, Cougars won’t tolerate immaturity.

Acting mature is an important tip to having a long-lasting Cougar relationship.

Cougar Dating Tip #5
Don’t call her too much: This is one extremely important Cougar Dating rule I learned the hard way.

Memorize This: Once you hook up with a Cougar, regardless of how much you like or love her, DO NOT call too often.

In fact you should usually let her contact you.

Calling too often makes you look desperate and needy which are very unattractive traits not only to Cougars but to all women (Editor’s Note: how true!).

You must however make sure that you are available at a moments notice otherwise your relationship won’t last very long. Think of yourself as being ‘on call’ 24/7.

Cougar Dating Tip #6
Wine and dine her: There is this misconception that Cougars are only interested in sex. But in my experience with Cougars, this isn’t true.

Although sex is an important factor, you must also treat your Cougar well after you win her over. Taking her out for dates to expensive restaurants or other venues once in a while will work wonders for your relationship.

Cougar Dating Tip #7
Know your place in the relationship: Perhaps the most important tip of all.

It’s important to note that most Cougars are looking for men who will look good, entertain them, and accompany them to social events. You can think of yourself as eye and pillow candy when the relationship first starts out.

As the relationship progresses, things might change and often do. It will give you something to look forward to.

In the meantime, if you can accept your role in the world of the Cougar, you’ll have a long and satisfying relationship.

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