The Benefits Of Cougar Dating – Speaking From Experience

Through my 27 years of years of life, 15 of which I can actually say I was sexually active – well maybe 18, there has always been nothing quite as sexy as a hot mature woman.

I’d fantasize over my moms hot friends, older hot neighbors, some of the soccer moms, church moms and well, any older woman that tickled my fancy.

At my age, each of these women can best be described with just one word: Cougar.

A cougar is an older woman who is hot for sex, desires a younger man and knows she has the bait to catch him.

In short, a cougar is a woman who gets what she wants when she wants it.

My First Cougar At 17

I have had several run-ins with some pretty experienced cougars, the first being around 2001 when I was just 17. My family and I were staying in a local resort town, and come to find out so was this gorgeous blond woman with all the right parts in all the right places.

It turns out that she was actually from the same state as me.

I met her in the hot tub one evening and we started talking. One thing led to another and I ended up getting an invitation up to her room to give her a back massage.

Cougars Love Back Massages

Funny thing is I think cougars love back massages as a prelude to sex. It seems to be their way of asking for it. Anyway, I started rubbing her back and one thing led to another as the saying goes. And being just 17 at the time, I couldn’t keep junior from showing his excitement – if you know what I mean…

Another time when some of my buddies and I were in Myrtle Beach hunting cougars, it seems like they were all over the place. Its nice when an attractive cougar knows how to work it.

Cougar Dating Comes With No Strings Attached

The best thing is since I’m single, it’s been great to discover that relationships with most cougars have been with no strings attached. And though I occasionally find one that I might like to spend more time with, I actually prefer it this way.

Where To Find Cougars

First let me say that dating a cougar – no matter what – is always a good night out.

The best place to find them is in grocery stores, video stores, the gym, and anywhere where else you can start a good old fashioned conversation.

I love being the ‘trophy date’ the cougar is looking for. I heard my aunt talking on the phone joking with her friend about being a cougar. But I get it. No matter what age a woman is she wants to feel needed. And cougars are women who have no relationship hangups. They will use you for what we as men and they as women want – sex.

There’s A Cougar For Every Man

Doesn’t matter what you look like, how tall you are, athletic, non athletic, there is a cougar for every man out there, and believe me they will hunt you down. It will be that night out with the boys, about 1:30am, the bars are about to close, then suddenly there she is…

Welcome to the exclusive cougar dating club.

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