Natasha-My Dating Horror Story – Beware!

I had finally managed to convince Natasha that I was worthy enough to go on a date with. My friends said I hadn’t convinced her but that I had bought a date with her. Well, I deeply regret that this turned out to be true.The fact that her father was the owner of millions added to her attractiveness I must say though.

She wanted to be independent so she had started her own small business of cosmetics and stuff. She wanted to prove to the world that she is not the rich spoiled brat who splurges on her father’s money. Maybe you can guess how I bought the date.

I was the first person to buy things from her new company. Of course this stuff was of absolutely no use to me. I spent close to 5000 rupees on those useless products – that’s like my 1 month beer money. So you can imagine the extent of my sacrifice and even desperation to go out with her.

I asked her out after I paid the bill with a heavy heart and she said yes a little reluctantly I think. That was the beginning of a very memorable dating horror story.

My friends warned me…

My friends warned me that she was a rich spoiled brat way out of my league, but who listens to friends when you have managed to get a date with the girl of your dreams. We were to watch Inception together and then have dinner. I know Inception is not a date movie, but that was the only movie out at that time.

There was Knight and Day playing but I had seen it with another girl whom I hadn’t called since I had met Natasha. Yes, I can be a jerk sometimes. My friends gave me just one bit of advice – be yourself. Don’t act. So I wore my best branded shirt and jeans that day, not to forget I had emptied half a bottle of perfume on myself.

I waited and waited

I waited for her in the society premises for close to 25 minutes. Every time I called her she kept telling me five more minutes. Now, I don’t like people coming late. Once a friend of mine was 15 minutes late and I had left the restaurant without meeting him. I had to remind myself that this is Natasha so I patiently waited.

Finally, the princess came down wearing an absolutely stunning tube which just amazed me. We were going for a movie not a wedding. I felt totally out of league besides her. I hoped people wouldn’t mistake me for her driver.

I waited for an apology about the delay but it never came. I moved towards my car but she stopped me in my tracks saying she felt suffocaed in small cars. I didn’t like people insulting my car but it was Natasha I reminded myself. She said, ” Come on I will give you a free ride in my BMW.”

And then she insulted me

I didn’t mind the insult but it wasn’t a free ride. She made me pay to fill her tank saying that her business hadn’t started well yet and she hated borrowing money from her father. I stared at her purse and wondered what it contained. The whole way she just talked about cosmetics and almost convinced me to buy some more useless stuff from her.

Thankfully we reached the theater on time. She stood in the queue and I thought maybe she would pay for the tickets. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When her turn came she asked me for the money and then started hassling the poor guy at the counter to give her tickets quickly. The show still had 10 minutes to start and the poor guy was working as quickly as he could.

She abused the ticket clerk

She hurled a little abuse at him and even I felt embarrassed. Then before I could ask her why she did that, she asked me to hold her purse which by now I was sure was empty. I asked her why because it didn’t seem heavy. The explanation she gave was that she was wearing a bracelet in her right hand and a ring on the left. If she carried the purse it would conceal them. I am not kidding.T his really was her explanation. “Are you for real?” I thought.

The seats were corner seats executive class where they give blankets and pillows. She made the guy change the blanket twice because it smelled bad. It was getting embarrassing for me and my temper was starting to rise. The movie started and so did her mouth. Now it was cosmetics and how hot Leonardo is. As it was very difficult to understand the movie (her constant chattering wasn’t helping), I fell asleep.

I fell asleep but to my horror

My eyes opened as I was disturbed by someone shouting. It was my dating horror story girl Natasha. The canteen guy had brought her cheese popcorn when she had ordered caramel, and I was sure she must have ordered cheese. Accepting mistakes wasn’t her forte. I managed to cool her down and bought her a cheese popcorn. I had to pay for both popcorn as you probably guessed.

I couldn’t bear this horror called Natasha by now, so I went to the loo and called my friend and asked him to call me in 5 minutes with a fake emergency. When I went back, she was arguing with another gentleman who was seated one row ahead of us. It seemed that when the princess had sat down on her seat, her feet had touched the guys head.

I had to pacify the guy to keep from getting the crap kicked out of me

Again I had to become the pacifier. My bugger friend called me after 15 minutes purposely because he was enjoying my plight. I acted like there was a serious emergency and got up. She got up very reluctantly and reminded me that she was leaving her beloved Leonardo just for me. As far as I was concerned, I had just saved poor Leonardo’s life.

On the way back she said she knew I would have slept because she felt the movie was way above my intelligence. Never did she ask about how my friend’s grandmother was recovering in the hospital. She was long dead but Natasha didn’t know that.

Man did I make a run for it…

When we reached our society, I quickly got out of her car and bade her goodbye. Even then she tried to sell me a lipstick. What was I supposed to do with it? I told her I would think about it and ran for the cover of my house.

It was time to call the Knight and Day girl. Inception may be a better movie than Knight and Day but the Inception girl Natasha was torture – no matter how fine she looked.

I still get nightmares from this dating horror story

Even today I get nightmares about my dating horror story named Natasha.The only thing that went right on that date was that I managed to save 200 bucks which bought me a beer to drown my sorrows in.

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