How To Talk To Women

This term has affected many guys in the dating world. Normal guys who can talk to their friends who are girls in office and in coffee shops get anxious if they have to talk to a beautiful woman. This has a huge impact on their dating life because they will continue to lose out to guys who are more confident and who know how to talk to women. If we take a poll, nearly ninety percent of single guys do not know how to talk to women. So we went around and asked relationship experts and dating experts for tips and insights to help men conquer this fear.

Be Yourself When Talking To Women

Many of the experts we met told us that the biggest problem men face when they have to talk to a woman in a “Dating Environment” is that their brain suddenly freezes up. They get nervous, start stammering and do not know how to proceed. This is a classic case of approach anxiety.

However if you take the same individual and tell him to talk to a woman without the pressure of a date, he will be able to converse freely. In fact, he will be able to become friendly with the woman even though they just met. All experts agree that if you eliminate the pressure, then conversation becomes easy. Hence, their tip is to go with zero expectations. The moment you do this, you are a normal person talking to an attractive woman.

Ignore Clichés And Be Unique

The second point highlighted by the experts is that men never tire of clichés. This fascination with clichés is one of the primary reasons why men fail. The second reason for failure in the dating scene is the over indulgence on friends and relative for dating tips.

All the experts agree that in order to learn how to talk to women, guys must ditch these methods. They say that women always look for men who do not tread the beaten track when courting them or approaching them. In other words, men have to be unique in the approach in order to be successful in the dating world. Always ensure that you provide some element of mystery that keeps the woman guessing. The more unique the approach, the higher will be the rate of success. However, remember Unique does not mean Creepy.

Become An Expert In The Art Of Body Language Communication

We asked the experts how to attract women with body language. All experts across the board stated that it was important to learn the art of non-verbal communication. This was important because there is no better judge of body language than women.

Guys have to ensure that they are on the guard always, because a woman will decide within a matter of minutes if she would be interested in a guy or not. If the guy is dressed sloppily or is walking around in a slouched manner, it automatically puts the woman off.

Remember these tips have to be practiced in order to be perfect. So go out and start talking to women today.

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