How To Get Out Of Trouble With Your Girlfriend In Style

We all know it sometimes isn’t possible to get out of trouble once you get into it. You can however use these dating advice tips trouble relievers to get back into your girlfriends good graces with 4 rather unusual ideas.

Having tried each and every one, we can recommend each of them highly…

Dating Advice Tips Trouble Reliever #1

Hire a singing telegram service to go to her door and sing your heart-felt apology. Be sure to write something ‘from the heart’ that won’t just annoy her further.

Another idea is to find a poem online that says what you want. You can also have a friend help you with the text, or give it a go yourself.

This gesture will be so unexpected, she won’t know what to do or say as you step around the corner with a single red rose and a hug once the singing is done.

Dating Advice Tips Trouble Reliever #2

Hire a kid to go to her door and deliver a bouquet or single red rose with a nice card. Girls can’t resist cute kids – especially ones that deliver presents.

Try writing your apology on the card or even having the kid say something like, “John is really really sorry he stood you up yesterday and he wanted me to tell you that he loves you a whole lot.”

Have the kid ask her, “Are you still mad a John? He’s really nice.” Who could say no to a kid? icon smile Dating Advice Tips: How To Get Out Of Trouble With Your Girlfriend In Style

Dating Advice Tips Trouble Reliever #3

Pay five strangers or friends to knock on her door about five minutes apart and give her four pieces of an apology note – each with a single red rose.

Don’t give her the pieces in any order that she can make sense of right away however. You might give her piece one and then three, followed by piece two and four.

For the finale, have a fifth person deliver a single white rose with a roll of tape.

Wait two minutes then knock on her door yourself and ask her if she will forgive you.

Who could say no to that? icon smile Dating Advice Tips: How To Get Out Of Trouble With Your Girlfriend In Style

Dating Advice Tips Trouble Reliever #4

This will take a bit of preparation but is well worth it.

If you haven’t discovered a website called, you should go there now and take a look at what they’ve got going on. This is a website where people will do most anything for five bucks.

Down the right side is a category called “Fun and Bizarre” and the truth it that it lives up to it’s name.

Scan the gigs for interesting or creative ways to apologize. For example, we found a gig on the first page with a fellow who will sing on camera wearing only a thong and wooly hat.

Craft an apology that he can sing, and deliver the video on a DVD, youTube account, or post it on a site like Vimeo and leave your girlfriend a message like, “You drove me to this. Please forgive me.”

There are a thousand ideas here – use your imagination!

Dating Advice Tips Trouble Relieving Best Ideas

While you might thing some of our ideas are a bit ‘out there’ or just plain silly, they have all worked at one time or another in real life so give them a try.

And send us your best get-out-of-trouble ideas with your girl or boyfriend. We’re sure you’ve got some really great stuff you’ve done in the past that has worked for you or a friend.

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