How To Get A Girl To Do Anything You Wish

With this ultimate dating secret you will be able to bring forth any emotional state that you wish in your date whether they are a man or woman. The principle is referred to in psychology as anchoring and triggering. Anchoring and triggering in a nutshell, are the process of getting a person to experience a strong emotional state or feeling and link that to something like a touch and being able to use that trigger or touch to bring forth that specific emotional response later.

The implications of this are huge. You’re out on a date with a girl and she’s in a bad mood maybe you did something that made her angry use a happy trigger to have her happy and laughing again only moments later. Of course this information can be used for more devious intentions but it is trusted you will use this information responsibly and wisely.

The Ultimate Dating Secret, Here’s How To Do It

First, decide the emotion or feeling that you want to be able to bring forth out of your date later. Doesn’t matter if it’s later this hour, later tonight, or later this week. Let’s say for this example it is happiness.

Step One To The Ultimate Dating Secret:

First you must create the anchor. In this example we want to anchor happiness. The first task is to get her into a happy state. The easiest way to do this is to get her to talk about and remember a time in her past when she was very happy. You want to get her to vividly remember this time. You will know you have accomplished your objective because you will see happiness in her body and face. The more intensely and strongly you can elicit the emotion that you want to anchor the better. A stronger anchor now will result in a more powerful trigger later and a trigger that lasts longer. So when you get your date into this state or emotion that you want to anchor it is time to anchor it.

An anchor is nothing more than a unique stimulus. An example of the anchor could be a something as simple as clearing your throat or touching her in a specific way. So when you see your date experiencing, strongly, the emotion you want to anchor, right when she is at the peak of that emotion clear your throat several times (assuming that clearing your throat was the trigger you chose). If the trigger that you decided upon before hand was touching the back of her hand then when she is in the middle of experiencing this emotion strongly, touch the back of her hand. You want to use an anchor that is unique. If for example you clear your throat frequently normally this would be a very weak trigger because it is not unique to her.

Attempt to set the trigger several times to make it more powerful. The way you do that is keep getting her back into that strong emotional state and apply the trigger when she is there. Do this several times to make that trigger very strong and powerful.

The way you use this later in our example let’s say you made your date angry earlier and you have already set the anchor as happiness. All you do is fire off the trigger to bring forth the happiness again. So in our example the trigger was clearing your throat when she was in a very happy state. Now she’s angry at you bring forth that emotion in her again by clearing your throat a few times. If you had created a strong anchor and trigger clearing your throat will work immediately at making her happy emotionally very quickly.

In case the whole concept of anchoring and triggering here seems confusing or unclear to you have you ever heard of the story of Pavlov and his dog? That is the story of the psychologist Pavlov conducting a scientific experiment where he would present a dog with a piece of meat and right in the middle of while the dog was salivating and desiring that food strongly he would ring a bell. He did this over and over again until shortly later all he had to do was ring a bell and the dogs would start salivating and displaying hunger behavior.

While in our example with your date salivating and hunger is happiness and the bell is clearing your throat or touching the back of her hand. It is an incredible and powerful dating secret and is one amongst hundreds that you will find inside ‘Guy Gets Girl’ which was written and created by gorgeous blond bombshell Tiffany Taylor. (you might want to click the link just to check her out) She reveals all the secrets of how to meet, date, and love gorgeous girls like herself and she holds nothing back.

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