Here’s a new set of cheap date ideas

Here’s a new set of cheap date ideas

If you are single but on a low budget you can probably use some of these new cheap date ideas.

The traditional dates of cinema, restaurants or nights out at the theater or dancing can all cost a significant amount of money, especially if you want to do something that can really impress. This article gives you lovely cheap date ideas that can still really make for a really romantic time – even in today’s economy.

Picnic in the Park

Why not pack a bag full of delicious (but fairly cheap) foods and take it to a quiet spot at a local park. It will give you a great opportunity to talk and you might even consider spending some of the money you saved on some inexpensive sparkling wine and strawberries to add an extra bit of fizz and romance!

Sunset on the Hill

It’s can be invigorating to take an evening walk and find a lovely spot to sit on a hill top to sit and watch the sunset. This can be very romantic, particularly if you choose a crisp Autumn evening when you will need to cuddle together to keep warm.

Woodland Walk

A woodland walk can give you a great opportunity to talk to each other, and being in nature can provide many things to talk about if the conversation lags. It’s also great to escape to a secluded spot and have a bit of time alone (married couples take note).

Day at the Seaside

A simple day at the seaside can take you back to your childhood. Who can resist a walk on the beach or an invigorating dip in the sea. To round it off you must have a bag of chips, which are traditional but wont cost much compared to an expensive restaurant. Giving you the opportunity to talk about your childhood will also enable you to find out more about each other.

Free Introductory Classes

Moving away from nature, many places offer introductory dance classes for free. (Note: if you can’t find any free ones, some places will let you take an introductory dance lesson before you commit). This is a great activity for a date. Learning to dance together is very romantic and you don’t have to carry on with the lessons afterwards, as you can have great fun just practising together at home.

Free Concerts

If you look through the local paper you will see that in the summer months there are often free concerts or festivals in parks or other open spaces. Although there may be lots to spend money on when you get there, there is often fun free things to do while you are there.

Money Off Coupons

Scour your local papers for coupons to events or activities worth checking out. Most local papers also offer a section of events for the week in and around your community.

Hopefully some of these cheap date ideas will be things you can use when you go out and still have a romantic time. However here you can find a few more cheap date ideas

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