Here’s a couple of cheap date ideas to choose from

Cheap date ideas

Cheap Date Idea:

Picnic On The Beach
If you don’t live near a beach, there are rivers, lakes and other places with scenic views and an abundance of nature. Pack a picnic basket with your date’s favorite foods and wine (or beer) and head off to visit mother nature.

Cheap Date Idea: Comedy Club Improv Show
Improv clubs can be found in most cities and are generally pretty good. It’s a great way to share some laughs, have a few drinks and explore each other in between sets.

Cheap Date Idea: Local Aquarium
Admission fees are low at most aquariums and who doesn’t want to cuddle with one of those cute little otters? Plenty to see and do and a great place to hold hands. Conversation over a picnic type meal is all you need to round out the date.

Visit A Museum – every town has several. Just don’t choose something like a torture or gun museum no matter how great the temptation. Art, local history and nature museums are a good bet.

Hiking – one of the best date ideas for the athletically inclined. The view and surroundings can make this a truly spectacular and breath taking time.

Wine Tasting – this should go without saying, but find out if the person drinks before setting up a date. Wine tasting events are often coupled with arts and craft shows (another cheap date idea).

Go Roller Blading – pick a quiet place that doesn’t have a lot of debris or rocks or traffic. Bring water and some snacks or a picnic lunch in a small backpack. If you don’t own a pair of roller blades, call your local sporting goods store for rentals. If this date idea is a hit, you can always buy a pair for continued use.

Newspaper Events – every town lists the weeks events in the local newspaper. It’s usually broken down by day and date. Check your paper for fun and interesting events. Many are free or cheap with a small donation. Pick something you both can enjoy. Hint: a gun show is out of the question icon smile

Local Theater – local theater companies can offer spectacular or unusual live plays. The cost is very reasonable and the entertainment can be top notch. You can top off the evening with a light snack or even bring a picnic lunch for intermission.

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