Dating Your Professor in College: Yes or No ?

If you’re going to date your college professor, you are going to need some clandestine, top-secret, surreptitious, hush-hush, underground, covert and cloak-and-dagger techniques to pull this taboo relationship off.

Most college handbooks for employed faculty clearly state that dating students is not allowed, and is grounds for immediate discharge. However, some colleges do allow dating between professors and students as long as the student is not in the instructor’s class.

Under these guidelines, you’d have to wait till the semester ends before you begin this enamored relationship. Both you and your professor will need to read the college rules and tread carefully.

#1: Keep it quiet.

Since we live in an instant-gratification society, many college students and professors do not follow the rules and engage in this forbidden relationship anyway. Should you decide to date your professor while he or she is your instructor with academic authority, it’s got to be hush-hush.

That means you cannot confide about the relationship with anybody, including your best friends. Whether intentionally or by slip-of-the-tongue, best friends do not always keep secrets.

In addition, the people who are your best friends today may not be your best friends tomorrow. Once your best friend relationship ends, you can be sure the person will blab; it’s human nature.

#2: Keep it under wraps.

You’ve also got to choose hidden places where you and your professor will not be seen. Forget about taking in a movie at a local cinema or sharing a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant.

This is a tricky maneuver because even if you travel a couple of towns away, you’ll still probably be spotted together in time. That’s where the saying “It’s a small world” comes from.

So, you can hold on to your rabbit’s foot and hope luck is with you, or you can always travel together incognito. That means wearing wigs and dressed-up clothing so passing spies won’t recognize you. If you’re both willing to do that, both of you may stand a chance.

You both must also be very smitten and love struck to go to this extreme, but it’s worth a shot. All joking aside, there’s no sure-fire or easy way to pull this off without the risk of being found out.

#3: Wait.

Probably the best way to date your professor is to wait for the semester to end, if the college permits this. If you don’t, you need to ingrain the nasty words “sexual harassment” in your mind.

Your professor or you can be accused of sexual harassment. Your professor can be accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with you in order for you go get a good grade.

Conversely, you can be accused of engaging in sexual relations in order to get a good grade. Either way, it’s a no-win situation. People are people and perception is their reality.

You will be at the mercy of their perception of your relationship. In addition, if you’re both found out and your professor loses an employed position, the pizazz of the relationship will fizzle and probably end. Dating your college professor certainly comes with a lot of risks.

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