Dating For Puppets Can Be Difficult

Dating for puppets has always been a topic surrounded by controversy.

And on top of that, puppets themselves often face nearly insurmountable odds when trying to locate the love of their life.

To add insult to injury, few dating websites accept puppet profiles or memberships, and there’s a general lack of information about dating for puppets on the web.

Cutting The Strings

It’s never been more true than it is today that puppets need to stand up for themselves. It’s time to cut the strings, remove the rods, break free from the hands that bind and forge a new reality.

Puppets should be free to date whomever they choose – whenever they choose. But there are obstacles to be overcome.

Overcoming The Hurdles

Puppets everywhere face challenges in the world of dating that would turn even the bravest hearts to wood.

One of their biggest challenges is that we perceive them as dolls or figurines. But puppets demand that we view them as people with equal rights – and this invariably amuses us.

Some even claim the puppet/human barrier should never be crossed.

Take kissing for example. Humans argue that kissing a puppet can lead to splinters. Puppets counter that the simple application of a fine grade of sand paper solves the problem.

Never-the-less, the sheer annoyance of having a human constantly controlling their every movement has got some puppets ready to cut their strings and strike out on their own.

We had one puppet tell us that he gets locked in his travel case after each performance…a situation that makes meeting someone nearly impossible. And many puppets get left alone or locked up when their puppeteer has no need of them.

Telling A Lie Can Have Dire Consequences

Among humans, little white lies are common – whether a guy is trying to impress a girl or a girl is exaggerating her age.

One puppet told us however that every time he tells a lie, his nose grows a little bit longer. This can be particularly awkward when his date is near-sighted.

So what’s a puppet to do?

Here are the top dating advice tips for puppets looking to date…

The Top 7 Dating Advice Tips For Puppets

When taking your date to a beach party – stay away from any bonfires.
Don’t rely on your traveling case being entirely private – or sound proof.
“Is your father a lumberjack [No, why?] Because whenever I look at you, I get wood in my pants” is NOT an appropriate pickup line.
Dingy, unpainted teeth are a huge turnoff (note: you can use a bit of whiteout in a pinch)
If you think she’s stringing you along, she probably is.
No good can ever come from dating your puppeteer.
Carry protection with you at all times (a bit of fine grade sand paper should do the trick – helps with kissing difficulties also.)

No matter how you look at it, puppets face everyday challenges in the world of dating that can make dating quite difficult. Once overcome however, dating for puppets can be a rewarding and pleasurable activity.

Perhaps someday dating for puppets will even enter the mainstream and puppets can date who they want, when they want, freely and openly.

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