Dating for Parents: Its All In Your Imagination

When it comes to having children, parents often lose their previous life as a romantic couple. Their time and energy rightly gets focused on the kids. While this is perfectly natural and normal, it can absolutely take its toll on the parents.

Dating for parents takes a bit of planning. The once spontaneous trips to the city for a night of dancing goes out the window and in walks ‘finding a babysitter you can trust’ and making due with the time in between driving the kids to football practice and piano lessons.

One necessity in dating for parents is having a calendar. Writing everyone’s plans down on the corresponding dates will give you a clear view of when you are available to go out on a date. Choose a date that both partners will be available and write it down on the calendar.

Next, find a trusted babysitter or ask a family member to keep the children for that night, even if it’s only for a few hours.

Planning A Date

There are many things you could do on your date. Search online for upcoming events in your city. Maybe there is a music or art festival coming up. Perhaps you would both enjoy a concert or a play, or even an opera.

If you prefer to do a daytime thing, try going to the zoo. That’s right, the zoo, with no children. Relax, walk, talk, sit on a bench and watch people. A romantic picnic at the zoo, or the park is a wonderful idea too and if you are both into physical activity, visit a tennis court. If you don’t play tennis and don’t even own a tennis racquet, don’t worry. Stop by the closest dollar store, purchase a big, bouncy rubber ball or badminton set and take it to the court. Hitting a ball over the tennis net is not only great exercise; it is also great fun and will make you both feel like a kid again. Laugh and enjoy playing together. You could also take a little trip to your closest state park and do some hiking and maybe even rock climbing

If you’re not the physically active types, you might want to try fishing and picnicking by a peaceful lake, or go bowling. And if you really just want to relax and enjoy some nice conversation with your significant other, find a spot at a park or wherever you can, throw a blanket and some pillows on the ground and look up at the sky together. Whether its day or night, it can be very intimate and beautiful. Make an evening of it. Watch the clouds turn from a pig to a dragon, then enjoy a spectacular sunset and after that, look up and the stars. For the less romantic types, a blanket and a twelve pack of beer makes a great evening too.

Dating For Parents Can Be Difficult

Dating for parents can be challenging and sometimes the urge to be intimate can be overridden by your paternal or maternal instincts. If you can’t find the time to be intimate even when the kids are asleep, then it’s time to get creative. When the children are at school or with a sitter, have your spouse meet you at a local motel. Dress up with something sexy under your coat and spend the afternoon having a torrid affair with your own husband.

Finish up with a romantic shower, wash each others backs and change clothes. Dating for parents doesn’t have to be challenging or stressful with a little imagination and a willingness to think outside the box.

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