Dating Advice Tips From George Clooney

The dating advice tips offered by actor George Clooney show an old-fashioned respect for the ladies that has almost become extinct in today’s “hook-up” based world.

Clooney is an actor who twice won People Magazine’s award for Sexiest Man Alive.

He offers the following dating advice tips:

Dating Advice Tips #1

Respect Your Date – Do Not Kiss And Tell

Who you date and what you do on that date is nobody’s business but yours and it should be kept that way. He believes in keeping his personal life personal and not just because he’s a celebrity. He also believes that people should find more constructive things to do with their time than worry about who dated who the night before.

Violating the privacy of your date can only lead to a bad reputation. When that reputation gets around, you’ll end up with fewer and fewer dates as people catch on to the sharing of your past exploits.

Simply stated: No one wants to become your next kiss and tell victim.

Dating Advice Tips #2

Act Your Age

Women are much more attracted to men who are comfortable with themselves and who act their age.

In other words, if you’re 40, don’t act like you’re 20. Be mature and comfortable enough with your age that you don’t come across as a jerk or immature child.

And if you’re 20, don’t try to act like your 40. Women will see right through you.

Dating Advice Tips #3

Be Cautious About Who You Hang Around With

Clooney believes that you should be conscious of the kind of people in your inner circle – especially when the group of you go out together with each hoping to get a date.

Women will form impressions of you based on the kind of people you hang out with. They will look closely at your friends and those in your inner circle, and form impressions about you based on their character and behavior.

Dating Advice Tips #4

Show Some Integrity

What are the causes and beliefs you hold dear in your life?

Drinking beer and getting drunk every night? Helping someone less fortunate? Donating your time to a cause?

Integrity is nothing more than adopting and standing by a set of moral and ethical principles.

This is as true in the way you treat a woman as it is in the way you treat your friends and the people you interact with everyday.

Dating Advice Tips #5

Charm Can Win The Day

Charm is about how you act. Being polite, opening a car or restaurant door, having good manners are all part of being charming. It’s also about being gracious and having confidence and good self esteem.

Charm harnesses the power of pleasing or attracting others – typically through your personality.

Women won’t suffer embarrassment in the company of a charming gentleman and charm will even increase your chance for a second date.

Old Fashioned Dating Advice Tips

Admittedly these dating advice tips are somewhat old-fashioned and perhaps out of date for some. Never-the-less a whole generation grew up with these values and many of them are still dating.

So take a dating advice tip or two from George, go retro, and have a wonderful date.

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