Dating Advice From Men That Works Or Does It?

Most dating advice sites sporting dating advice from men are pretty far off the mark. They give you a lot of bad advice about how to get a woman into bed tonight, how to pickup a woman, what the best pickup lines are, how to get overnight results and so on.

In your quest to improve your dating skills and attract quality women, fun times and great relationships, here are some pitfalls to avoid – if you see any programs, courses, videos or ebooks advocating any of the following dating advice from men methods – run!:

Lazy Man’s Program

Everyone wants something for nothing. You’re probably no exception. This kind of attitude will only point out to your date what kind of jerk you really are. This stuff may work for some guys, but most guys ruin their reputation with it and take a while to recover from it. Think of it this way, women are looking for guys who make them feel comfortable and safe. How are you going to do that if you’re too lazy to do what’s necessary to make her see you in this light?

Overnight Results

A close cousin to the lazy man’s method, these ridiculous claims only add empty space to your wallet and can leave you lonely and rejected. It takes TIME for women to feel comfortable with you – no matter how great you think you are. Keep the dates on the light side (lunch, coffee and so on) and work your way up to a moment of intimacy. It will be a lot more satisfying when it does happen, and you’ll feel better about yourself and who knows, it may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship…

Gain Her Confidence Instantly

Women want to feel they are safe with you. They don’t want to feel threatened in any way. So creepy, needy guys, drooling all over them are out. The only way you’re going to gain her confidence is to drop the sleaze ball attitude and keep at it for a couple dates. There’s no instant formula here. Women can sense your duplicity and manipulation. Don’t make them distrust you right from the start with this category of bad advice.

Get Her Into Bed Instantly

OK the truth is that women want and need sex about as much as men do. They are just a LOT more careful about it. They have to trust you first. Do you honestly believe that there’s some magic word that will make her jump into bed with you 3 minutes after meeting her? Think again.

The author of the dating advice for men is some hot woman in a scantily clad outfit

who tries to separate you from your money with just her photograph alone. The truth is many of those sites are run by guys who use those pictures to get you drooling all over yourself thinking, “wow, if she’s that hot her dating advice must be pretty good!”. Turns out that many hot women never even get approached for dates because most men are too afraid to do so. Watch out for this obvious manipulation of your libido.

Avoid these pitfalls and you’ll reduce the amount of trauma you cause yourself and your dates by 1000%. Let us know your best dating advice from men in the comment section below.

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