Date Geeky Guys in College: They May be the Next Steve Jobs

Lots of college girls run around on campus chasing immature frat boys, the muscle-bound jocks and the preppy guys donning their J. Crew shirts.

Lead by the innate natural selection code that dictates what genetic predisposition comprises a good mate, it’s not entirely their fault that they are misguided.

In addition, these misguided colleges girls have been conditioned by society’s standards. After being conditioned to think strapping, bronzed males with a good hairline is a good choice, it’s a little difficult to think you can find happiness with a skinny guy who wears glasses.

Even if college girls take a second look at a geeky guy, they may hesitate at the thought of their friends’ reactions. No college girl wants her friends thinking she’s lost her marbles.

Ladies, if you’re letting peer pressure and stereotypes hold you back from dating a geeky college guy, you’re missing out on the top of the food chain. Here are some great reasons to date a college geeky guy.

Geeky College Guys Are Sensitive And Empathetic”

The Wow Worship Factor

Geeky guys have also been conditioned to think that they could never score a date with a hot girl. If you date a geeky college guy, he will be so thrilled you considered him that he will worship the ground you walk on. Geeky college guys are also a lot less likely to cheat on you. They also don’t frequent the clubs and bars that usually lead to this behavior. When a geeky college tells you he’s going out with his friends, that’s exactly what he’s doing. You can trust the activities will be focused on academic interests. Geeky college guys talk about Biology, not the anatomy of hot college girl’s bodies.

Remembering Your Birthday

Geek college guys are smart and remember the details of everything. These nerdy guys can tell you what Spock said to Captain Kirk in the second season of the original Star Trek. You can be sure a college geeky guy will remember your birthday and any other anniversary that’s important to you.

Future Money

Geeky college guys are the ones who get excellent grades in their classes and usually graduate with honors. These are the brainiacs who land excellent careers in the real world. Maybe your former quarterback boyfriend has changed your oil, but the geeky college guys are the geniuses who design computer systems for the cars you drive.

Emotional Melding and Quality Time

Geeky college guys are sensitive and empathetic. If you’re going through some drama, they’re always at your side to sympathize and lend an ear. Since they’re sensitive themselves, they can relate and understand what you’re going through, unlike many other guys on the planet.

These are the guys who love spending time with you. You can take them antiquing, shopping and to the movies. Since they’re smart guys, you can expect to have an intelligent conversation with them, and they are truly interested in what you have to say.

The next time you find yourself staring at the proverbial hunk in class, turn your head and take a look at that cute geeky college guy. Chances are he’s already spotted you.

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