Countdown to Spamalot!

I watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail a couple of nights ago to refresh my memory in anticipation of seeing Spamalot this Friday in Chicago. Not only did I laugh my face off, but I also wondered about the transformation of the piece onto the stage.

The movie really lends itself to musicalization, which much isn’t a stretch, but what about the special effects? How will the Black Knight lose all four limbs and still tap dance in a big Broadway dance number?

How will they handle the killer bunny darting from throat-to-throat and ripping off the heads of Arthur’s knights? Is a flying bunny the next chandelier? How will the knights be ejected when they fail to answer the three questions? Perhaps they will just disappear through a trap door: I mean if they can make a witch fly and melt, anything is possible! Actually I don’t really care. I’m just so excited to see Tim Curry on stage (another “must see” crossed off my list ).

Spamalot has turned into the hot ticket in Chicago, but I acted early so I only paid $55 for my ticket! Awesome! However, it’s a limited visibility ticket. Dude! On the other hand, even the LV tickets are going for $250 now. Awesome! But I might be parking cars and listening through a drive-in movie speaker. Dude! Or maybe it will be “Suzy Conn, price check, aisle three…”

Hmmm I just got a sudden craving for coconuts…


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