Breanne Arrigo Stars in Canada’s Wonderland “School of Rock” Show

“Singing in a summer Wonderland…”

Apparently there is a cool musical theater “rock” show playing at the Paramount Theatre at Canada’s Wonderland.

Breanne Arrigo, who did an amazing job on the “Turbulence” song demo for Plane Crazy is appearing in “SCHOOL OF ROCK Live in Concert” at Canada’s Wonderland.

She’s doing 10 shows a day! They only run 30 minutes, but still: Whew!

According to the Canada’s Wonderland Web site:

School of Rock Live In Concert

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, VAUGHAN, Ontario (March 7, 2005) — Get ready to rock! Paramount’s blockbuster feature comedy, School of Rock, backed by Hollywood’s big-screen, comedic genuis Jack Black as joyfully rebellious, anti-hero Dewey Finn, will premiere as a live rock and roll revue this summer at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland. Paramount presents SCHOOL OF ROCK Live in Concert as a celebration of the power and ageless spirit of rock and roll, with a fresh, fast-paced story-line, engaging characters and the foot-stomping roar of live rock music.

SCHOOL OF ROCK Live in Concert is a wildly energetic, high-voltage, live rock concert that celebrates the hit Paramount film as the story and characters from the original movie are reprised and merged seamlessly with extraordinary, raw acoustics and first-rate rock concert theatrics. The Paramount Theatre will buzz with concert quality audio, spectacular lights, pyrotechnics, video, and special effects; all supporting a 10-member cast that includes a live band performing a play list of unforgettable rock and roll classics.

Straight A’s are not required! A penchant for stage dives, 20-minute face-melting guitar solos and the belief that one great rock show really can change the world, is the ticket. Rock Enroll!
Ah, there’s nothing quite like a face-melting guitar solo! But you can’t argue with a pun like “Rock Enroll”!

Breanne tells me they have quite a following. Some people (ranging from the appropriately young to the inappropriately older) come and see all their shows, get tattoos of cast member names, develop tribute Web sites and…well, you get the idea…

When I was in high school I always wanted to sing and dance in a show at Canada’s Wonderland. At least now I know someone in a show there. Does that count?

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