5 Guys You Should Date in College

College is a fun time filled with many new opportunities in the dating arena. Even though you may have your preferred type of man, jock or bad boy, college is the perfect time to expand your horizons. Different personalities gravitate toward different college majors and dating guys who are a music, business, film, engineering or law major is a great way to find out what personality you like while having fun playing the dating game.

The Music Major

Not all musicians are bad boys, so put aside the stereotypes of the John Mayer and Taylor Swift escapade. Musicians are typically genuine, deep and insightful. These are the types of guys that you can talk with for hours, and they are actually interested in getting to know the real you. Supportive and caring, musicians are also hopeless romantics. They will love to swoon and serenade you with their talents and enjoy every moment of it. Every college girl deserves a little romance.

The Business Major

The business major is a smooth player and well-versed in the art of schmoozing. He’ll open the door for you, bring you flowers and wine and dine you at the best of restaurants. Since you’re probably on a tight budget, these chivalrous guys can indulge you with all the extras you so deserve. They know all the right questions to ask and all the right answers to give, making a girl feel special. Even though they can come across as being cool and rehearsed, take the time to get to know them beyond the Armani suit; there’s usually a great person underneath.

The Film Major

Film majors are intelligent, creative and funny. They often possess the right mélange of tech savvy and artistry, so you can expect them to be quite visionary. Being hipsters, they are likely to have a strong interest in documentary films and indie bands. With strong interests come strong opinions, so you can expect lively conversation dotted with some jokes. You’ll be treated like a lady with dinner and a movie; however, not in the same setting as a business major would choose. Film majors are great guys to date and are very supportive in encouraging you to follow your dreams.

The Engineering Major

Engineering majors are reasonable, rational and logical. Their minds are always full of ideas, and they love asking questions. However, they are usually more socially comfortable on a one-to-one basis, which makes a great setting for a first date. Once alone, conversation should be flowing as they love to talk about all different sides to any issue. You can expect some interesting dates, such as viewing Venus from a city skyscraper through a telescope. All in all, these guys make great dates and are sweet and stable.

The Law Major

Law majors are all-around fun guys to date. These are the guys you can casually hang out with on a Friday night, watching CNN while ordering takeout. You can expect them to be well-read and up-to-date with the latest in politics, national and international. They will also expect you to be knowledgeable about politics, so make sure you at least know who the state senator is. Though it takes work to keep on top of all the latest world happenings, these guys are worth it. Generous and thoughtful, they’re apt to surprise you with flowers or volunteer to change the oil on your car.

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