4 Quick Date Tips For Men

date tips for men

Date Tips For Men: One of the most daunting times in life for most people is the first date. You’ve managed to get the object of your desires to spend an evening out with you when suddenly a mild panic kicks in when you realize you need to impress.

There are some dating tips that are easy to implement if you can get yourself into the right mind-set. Unfortunately the mind-set is the hardest part to achieve for some people, so keep reminding yourself of the following tips…

Date Tips For Men #1: Don’t Panic!

Firstly, and most importantly, relax. Granted, it’s not easy selling yourself, but remember that the hard work is already done. You have your date, and she is probably feeling a bit nervous too. By relaxing you can focus on your evening and have some fun!

Date Tips For Men #2: Be Confident

An air of confidence is a great attraction to everybody. People who can walk into a room and instantly establish a rapport with people they’ve never met have a kind of magnetism that others notice. You can be that person simply by having a few generic conversation starters at the ready. It doesn’t have to be the most intelligent subject matter in the world, just something to break the ice. Try to stick to subjects you know well though so you don’t look foolish.

Date Tips For Men #3: Listen Then Talk

Many people love to talk about themselves, but more people like to be listened to when they speak. There’s nohing more irritating than constantly hearing from somebody about how great they are. Talking about things that interest you, and that you have done in the past is fine, but rambling on about how great you are is not. By listening to what your date has to say you will show that you are interested in her opinions, experience and what she has to say.

Date Tips For Men #4: Be Friendly

Some people are so focused on thinking about their next line that they completely forget how they are coming across. The meaning of a sentence can change completely when said in a relaxed tone rather than a stressed out blurt. I’m sure you manage perfectly well to speak to colleagues of the opposite sex without turning into a jabbering wreck, so why should a date be any different.

Be Yourself And Get That Second Date

People often feed off of each others confidence, it may be that it is not until the date is over that either of you reflect and realize how well things actually went. That’s a sure fire sign you should be keen to get a second date. Most of all – be yourself. You stand a much better chance of getting a second date if your real personality shines through!

Speaking of next time, once the first date is out of the way and you’ve decided date two is something you’re keen to arrange, you’ve got a whole different dilemma – what to do on that second date. Here are some ideas from our previous articles…


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