4 Dating Rules For Beginners

This dating advice tips article covers dating rules for beginning daters as well as dating rules for people who haven’t dated in quite a while.

While it’s true that no set of rules can cover every dating experience, it’s also true that we need some place to start – especially when its our first time or we haven’t dated in a while.

In that spirit, we offer these dating rules for beginners:

Dating Rule #1:

Adhere To Good Dating Etiquette

We like to think that we can “be ourselves” on a date, and that’s true for the most part…but there are some things your should avoid:

Don’t wear casual clothing or footwear to an upscale restaurant or event.
Don’t laugh hysterically or in appropriately at poor jokes. Groaning is OK.
Don’t keep looking at your cell phone every time it rings. In fact, better to turn it off.
Don’t take calls while you’re out with your date.
Don’t swear or use inappropriate language or make inappropriate comments.
Don’t allow yourself to get drunk.
Rude bodily noises are out.

Dating rule #2 :

Be On Your Best Behavior

OK let’s face it, even at a rock concert there are rules and accepted standards of behavior. In fact, everywhere you go there are rules and accepted standards of behavior that change with the place, time and culture. Here are a few general rules you should always follow:

Always dress appropriately for the event.
Compliment your date on how he or she looks.
Show up for the date on time or a little bit early (not a lot early).
Plan the date ahead of time – don’t wing it unless you’re open to disaster.
Don’t call or message someone constantly after a date – give it a rest – give them a rest. It will only plant a “Needy Wack Job” sticker firmly on your forehead if you don’t.
While the majority of dates come off without a hitch, spend some time thinking about your personal safety and protection before the date and act accordingly.

Dating Rule #3:

Show An Interest In Your Date

A date is all about getting to know a little bit about another person. You’re trying to find out if you have anything in common, if there is an attraction, and if you want to go out with that person again. So here are a few rules that should help:

Show an interest in your date – ask questions – how else will you find out if the person is worth a second date.
Don’t spend the date talking about yourself – no matter how uncomfortable the silence gets.
Don’t turn the date into a bitch session about your ex or the other people in your life – nobody cares.
Look for things that you might have in common and direct the conversation to those.
While you want to be honest, don’t give away too much about yourself the first couple of dates. You need to leave room for future conversation and exploration.

Dating Rule #4:

Honesty Is Your Best Policy

Think for a moment how you’d feel if your best friend told you that shirt/top you were wearing was awesome. Then imagine showing up at a party only to discover that people were pointing and snickering about it or laughing openly.

How would you feel? Pretty crappy right. So why would you put your date through that kind of dishonesty. Better to be honest now than to spare their feelings. Here are some dating advice tips for keeping it real:

If you don’t want to see the person again – tell them so.
Don’t lie about what you do for a living. They’ll find out eventually and if you end up getting serious about the person, you won’t have to struggle with having started your relationship with a lie.

Don’t date on a bet.
Don’t bet on a date.
Don’t repeat old dating mistakes.
Be honest about your feelings for the other person.
Don’t play head games.

What About Sex?

Entire books have been written about sex. And honestly that’s one rule you’ll have to figure out for yourself, but we will say this…

Only have sex with the person if you feel like you’re ready to have sex and there’s an emotional attachment.
For your physical and emotional well being, its best NOT to have sex with a still MARRIED man or woman.
You should ALWAYS use protection.

Dating Rules Aren’t Fixed In Stone

Few of the dating rules presented here are absolute. Each of them will of course depend on the person you’re with, the circumstance, the culture, and their tolerance level.

It might be that your date loves to use four letter words, so winging your own in every now and then won’t be seen as out of place.

Or maybe the idea of the date IS to go casual so showing up to a fancy gathering in jeans and athletic shoes might be just the thing.

You’ll have to decide for yourself what’s appropriate and what isn’t and unfortunately, we sometimes only learn where that line is after we’ve crossed it.

If you do mess up though, pick yourself up, learn from your mistake(s) and move on. There are 4 billion people on the planet and half of them are future candidates.

One last word of advice…

If you think that you and your date have hit it off, make sure your date has your phone number, or some way to contact you in case THEY aren’t being HONEST and can’t say NO at that moment. After all, you don’t want to get your hopes up or waste time with someone who doesn’t want to be with you – especially if they aren’t honest enough to tell you so.

That’s our 4 dating rules for beginners. We hope your date goes well.

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