THE WOMEN: Jungle Red THE WOMEN -- is that the name of the play, or a description of the audience?
That absolutely fabulous play, THE WOMEN written by Clare Boothe Luce, and directed by Warner Shook, is playing at ACT (A Contemporary Theatre) in Seattle until December 16. See this great gallery of videos, here.

I was lucky enough to see it yesterday in great seats (second row of the balcony…although my vertigo acted up a bit). We took the kids as well (tickets for students are only ten dollars!) and all had a wonderful "Jungle Red" time. And I could count the number of men in the audience on one hand!
My first memory of THE WOMEN was, of course, reading the MAD Magazine movie parody when I was young. I always remembered that one, so I jumped at the chance to see it live! Also, my oldest daughter's vocal coach, Anne Allgood plays Edith Potter in the play. Edith spends the entire show pregnant, or nursing, but that doesn't stop her from smoking and drinking. After all it is 1936! There's a hilarious bit when Edith blows ash off her newborn's nose. 'Nuff said!
This was an amazing show with amazing talent. This show brought together some of Seattle's finest female actors, including Anne Allgood as Edith Potter, Suzanne Bouchard as Mary Haines, Julie Briskman as Sylvia Fowler, Emily Cedergreen as Peggy Day, Deborah Fialkow as Miriam Aarons, Peggy Gannon as Maid, Elizabeth Huddle as Mrs. Morehed, Elise Hunt as Jane, Suzy Hunt as Countess de Lage, Laura Kenny as Miss Fordyce, Jennifer Lyon as Crystal Allen, Marianne Own as the Spa girl, and Anne Kennedy as part of the ensemble. Many of the women played mutiple roles as well.
And shout out to the scenic designer (Mathew Smucker) and the costume designer (David Zinn). The sets and costumes were unbelievable. Everyone even had a special "Jungle Red" curtain call outfit!
What intrigued me was how "not dated" the play felt, and how engaged the audience was. You could hear gasps, oohs and ahhs, cheers, and of course, laughter. I guess love, and war, are timeless!
Hurry up and get tickets before it closes!


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Well, there are a couple of ways.

They did a promotional CD and handed out zillions of those -- you can easily pick it up on eBay -- here's one listing:

Alternatively, you can sometimes find stuff like this at -- but I don't see it there right now. However, Sh-K-Boom has the world's worst ecommerce interface, so maybe you'll find it where I cannot.

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Hi Suzy,

In an article you wrote back in '05, you refer to a 3-song CD for "In My Life"-- the Joseph Brooks musical. I'm desperately seeking this CD as a Christmas gift for my mother. Any chance you know where I could get one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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